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This research is a collaboration between the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft) and Leiden University and is about the application of 3D replication for the conservation, restoration and exhibition of art and how the introduction of this new technique influences our perception on art. 


The research is about the moral and ethical questions that rise because of the existence of accurate duplicates of art and it aims to research how we can use 3D techniques in a morally and ethically appropriate way that works in the advantage of the original work of art.


In order to gain more insight on this discussion, many discussions and conversations take place with professionals of various disciplines of the arts in the Netherlands. By collecting a large variety of opinions and by analyzing this point of interest, it is possible to explore the possible ways in which 3D technology can serve the original art work without damaging its artistic and authentic value.

TU Delft: "Wetenschappers maken 3D-prints van schilderijen oude meesters" (link)


Trouw: "Het Joodse bruidje is weer als nieuw." (link)


W.S. Elkhuizen (PhD) Life like reproduction of fine art (link)

Océ 3D Fine Art Reproductions